The Invisibles, an initiative of World without Wars and Violence, held a protest demonstration in Syntagma Square yesterday against the war in Ukraine, in which the Greek branch of IPPNW and the Observatory of International Organisations and Globalisation (PADOP) also took part.

The slogans they raised were as follows

– Withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

– Have we learned nothing from the pandemic?

– No to the fossil fuel war.

– No to Russian intervention in Ukraine.

– No to war as a means of conflict resolution.

– Give way to peace diplomacy.

– Withdrawal of NATO from the territories of Europe.

– Solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

– Immediate abolition of nuclear weapons.

– The geopolitical games of the United States and Russia harm the peoples.

Photos by:

  • Angelos Barai
  • Evita Paraskevopoulou
  • Giorgos Panagakis