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By Laura Hernández and Carlos Sánchez

The Covid19 pandemic has pushed public health systems around the world beyond their limits.

But it has not only affected people’s health, through infection with the virus, but has also inflicted side effects on both health workers and the rest of the population: anxiety, stress and even acute depression.

The latter, considered to be the second pandemic, has affected the youngest populations, who, in addition to the lack of future and uncertainty already generated by this system, have suffered prolonged physical and psychological confinement.

Our brain does not distinguish whether a danger is a figment of our imagination or is actually perceived by our senses. Its response is always to inject a series of hormones into our system.

One of these is cortisol. Known as one of the stress hormones, it is needed to regulate numerous functions. But it becomes a ticking time bomb when it is in our body for a prolonged period of time.

In addition to cardiac, muscular, respiratory and digestive imbalances, there are also immunological imbalances. And above all the mental damage.

Our brain loses its neuroplasticity, and by extension its capacity for retention and concentration. This creates the breeding ground for mental and emotional imbalance.

From Rehuno Salud we are developing “Relaxation and Meditation Techniques Workshops”, open, free, monthly and online through the Zoom platform. We mainly use the books “Self-Liberation” by Luis Amman and Guided Experiences by “Silo”. Both are framed within what is known as the Universalist Humanism current.

More than sixty people from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela participated in the three workshops. The atmosphere has been one of great relaxation and peace. And in which the participants, after the techniques, have carried out enriching exchanges. They also expressed their gratitude for the space created.

In the last workshop, Patricia, who connected from Mendoza (Argentina) with infection by Covid19, gave us her testimony: “…I was able to experience a beautiful and liberating breathing, through the relaxation technique done with the group. Thank you very much…”

Knowing that with these techniques and exchanges we are helping people, makes us continue on this path….

Our next workshop, Sunday 20th February. More information, join our WhatsApp group on the following link:


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