By Henri Farrell-Martin from Marymount Academy International (HS)

The Ocean

Always in motion

Sometimes problems pile on like constant waves

But I try to stay brave

Feeling lost

Like I’m in the middle of a body of water

Barely keeping my head above surface

Salt water reminiscing of a childhood spent at sea

I’d go back to at any cost

Now stuck in a situation that I cannot flee

Good times spent with my father

Now I’m in an endless water

Thinking things are too far from repair

Nothing is fair

Feeling like a foreigner in a country I call my own

Swimming in waters filled with clones

Disliked for being unique and expressing myself

In the world of the tall I am the elf

As I count my respirations

I relax among the commotion

I am deaf to the comments and opinions

The waves slowly break

The moment is near

I finally feel awake

The problems aren’t my fear

My mind is positive as I see land

Looking down at the colourful coral reef

Waves carrying me to shore as if they were a helping hand

Finally laying on sand in relief

Life is well

The tension has dissipated

Ears ringing like the sounds of church bells

The pain is part of being liberated

People rushing with fear to me but I don’t understand the yells

Lifting me up as if I were a soul rising

I never learned to swim

I pushed through to live with no grim

Now I rest eternally exhilarated.

Henri is 16 years old, he is a skateboarder. He is in grade 11, at Marymount Academy International Senior high school.
During the pandemic in Montreal every indoor skateboarding park was closed. Henri and his friends were skateboarding in some underground parking lot.