In Solidarity with Ukrainian & Russian Citizens who Do Not like War and a Prayer of Conversion for Those in Power in Russia

On Sustainable Peace

To live harmoniously and peacefully alongside each other despite our differences is the way. Joining forces together with the rest of the world, we say no to war, let us build peace and free Ukraine!

As people of faith, we are commanded to love God and love our neighbors. The atrocious attack of Russia on Ukraine is a violation of this great imperative of ‘loving our neighbors,’ and protecting the peace that our Creator and people of goodwill want for all. We pray for the top leaders and decision-makers of both Russia and Ukraine to do the right things and stop the aggression and war.

We, the religious leaders, adherents, and peace advocates from the Philippines beseech to de-escalate this conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We call on the withdrawal of the Russian troops on Ukrainian soil.

The thirst for power and the pursuit of endless profit through the arms race is catastrophic and brings untold sufferings to innocent people, the destruction of the environment and heritage, as well as the annihilation of peace which is necessary for sustainable development.

We are people who love peace. Our faith calls us to be peacemakers. Aware of the values, principles, and practices of peace, we act toward building a culture of peace within ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

We want peace. We know that many ordinary citizens in Russia do not want to get involved in a war, despite that, the aggressive attack on Ukraine was imposed on them by those who are in power.

We call on the stakeholders involved in this confrontation to sit in dialogue and use diplomatic solutions for this armed conflict. War is never the solution. We call on a peaceful settlement between the warring parties.

We offer our loving solidarity, sincere prayers, profound concern, and compassion to those whose lives were distressed and greatly affected by these terrifying and dreadful turns of events. We are united with all the peacemakers, the civilized global citizens for healing, a peaceful solution to this problem, and a harmonious co-existence for all.


About the Author:

Genevieve Balance Kupang is the president of Iyaman Interdisciplinary Research and Development, the vice-chair of Sandiwa, a lay associate of the Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue of the CBCP; the chair of the Special Interest Groups of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction; and an incorporator of the Asian Social Institute. She has co-authored books on Our Nation, Our World, World Religions and Belief Systems, and writes on interreligious dialogue, the mandala arts, culture and the arts indigenous peoples, and peace.