Jorge Coulón (Inti Ilimani), Miguel Angel Pellao (Tenor Pehuenche), Evelyn Cornejo, Angelo Pierattini, Juan Flores (ex Arak Pacha, Inti IIlimani, Illapu, among others) and jazz drummer Carlos Cortés, are some of the musicians that make up the third album by Chilean folklorist La Chinganera, which also includes the special participation of flamenco singer Natalia de Triana, supporting the idea of folklore in movement and transformation.

Hija Natural, recorded and mixed at Estudio Madreselva, brings together 8 songs including a musicalisation of Mario Benedetti’s poem “De qué se ríe”, two musicalisations of Cuecas written by the payador Manuel Sánchez and five songs from La Chinganera, where she explores the poet’s song, the cueca, country tunings and the décima -among other genres- under the arrangements and musical production, fresh in timbres and harmonies, of the outstanding musician Pedro Villagra.

The title and image of their new album alludes to the multicultural Chilean culture, of diverse origins such as the Arab-Andalusian, the Hindu and the Afro, represented by the scarf and, on the other hand, the pre-Hispanic indigenous, proposed in the black braids. All described in this image which, in turn, evokes the popular religiosity of animitas and virgins, imprinted in the culture of oral tradition. It also proposes a journey into the infinite and incognito world of surnames and, finally, of race, understanding the music it composes as a reflection of it, a natural daughter with diverse timbres and colours of imprecise origin and which transits between the ancient and the modern.

This is how La Chinganera crowns her 13 years of career with this third album, reaffirming her commitment to themes such as social demands, the celebration through ritual of the contribution of women in America, the love and defence of the Mapuche people, among others, from the traditional culture that she represents.

On January 28th she will perform at the Teatro Regional del Bio Bio, Concepción – her hometown – initiating a series of in-person launches that includes the sign language interpreter Johanna Llanquileo, as an inclusive and unprecedented gesture – in this type of music – for the deaf community.

Hija Natural is available on all digital platforms and can be downloaded with a voluntary contribution at The physical version will be on sale at its launch on 28 January and subsequently on La Chinganera’s social networks.

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