What can I offer you
But my thanks and gratitude
For being part of my life…


Its light and dark moments
I shared with you
As we pass through
the days and nights of our lives.


Connected as always
The you, the I, the we
Together, we are one …


Loving, breathing, eating
Thinking, feeling, doing
Reaching out as always
Around and to the skies.


In wider and wider circles
Until we encompass the world
In our embrace…


This I can offer you
The music in my soul
The words that break the silences
And spaces between us.


There is a horn calling us from afar
That leads us ever onwards
And we move…


Moved by the stirrings of the times
Relentlessly determined to reach
The source of all things
The wellsprings of all life.


Inspired by Passages, while listening to the first theme in a musical collaboration between Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass– Offering.