Despite the fact that independent international observers have confirmed and revealed that the elections that took place in Venezuela were exemplary, the establishment insists on stigmatising the Bolivarian country through articles that seek to cast suspicion on the electoral process in that country.

It is truly regrettable how some groups think they own the world and want to impose their worldview, even if they harm millions of people, as is the case of the Venezuelan population, which for years has been sacrificed by the arrogance of those who cannot stand the struggle, courage and confrontation of a government and a people who do not accept subjugation.

Washington’s lackeys

The first issue we must emphasise is the fact that, as a sovereign country, the presence of international observers on Venezuelan territory to monitor the electoral process is an outrage. Regardless of any problems, neither the European Union nor the United States or the United Kingdom should interfere in the internal affairs of any sovereign state.

The Venezuelan people are not incapable, they do not need tutelage, and therefore the mere presence of observers already demonstrates a high degree of arrogance, of a superiority complex of the North over the South. But, of course, we understand why this is happening, since the Anglo-Saxon people have always seen themselves as “better”, as the ones who are about to “bring civilisation to barbarism”.

Lackeys of Washington, Brussels and London have the mission of creating/spreading narratives that question the legitimacy of the electoral processes carried out on Venezuelan territory, in order to legitimise the reproach directed at Maduro’s administration (they used to do the same with Hugo Chávez), because, despite the attempts, the coups they helped to carry out did not have the desired effects (see 2002 and more recently, the recognition of Guaidó as president).

Despite all the attempts to overthrow a legitimately elected government, Maduro is resisting and demonstrated, in the last elections, that the opposition does not have the strength to remove him from power through the ballot box. The election results prove it. The independent observers who were in the country on the 21st, unlike the Commission sent by the EU, found no irregularities; on the contrary, they praised the process, especially the behaviour of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Anjuli Tostes Faria Melo, an international observer from the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy, stated that “electoral guarantees were fully and transparently complied with”. Moreover, the opposition itself admitted its own incompetence, through Capriles, who attributed the opposition bloc’s defeat to a “lack of unity”.

Therefore, the narratives of Brussels and London show that the intention is, in reality, to continue destabilising the South American country, appropriating more than a billion dollars in Venezuelan gold held in the English Bank (the British central bank); or even supporting an “illegal and illegitimate ruler”, such as Juan Guaidó who, with the false argument that he wants to free the people of Venezuela from a supposed “tyranny”, appropriates public resources of the Venezuelan state without any oversight. and/or inspection, since he is at the service of the United States.

Meanwhile, the governments of Chile and Colombia, for example, are committing atrocities against sectors of the opposition that are demonstrating. In Colombia, several assassinations have even victimised social leaders working for peace, land recovery and human rights. While this is happening, we see no action from Brussels and London. This is logical, because Duque is an ally of Washington.