More than 130 representatives of culture, arts and heritage, social organisations and trade unions met this morning in the Amphitheatre of the Fine Arts Museum, a meeting that was also attended by the spokespersons of the presidential candidate of the Apruebo Dignidad pact, Gabriel Boric, Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson, to give a sign of commitment to the world of culture, arts and heritage.

Here is the video of today’s activity:

The meeting was attended by prominent representatives of civil society, such as the conventional Malucha Pinto, Ignacio Achurra and Jorge Baradit, the National Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities Manuel Antonio Garretón, the former Undersecretary of Culture Lilia Concha, as well as artists such as Daniel Muñoz, Isabel and Tita Parra, Chinoy, Jorge Coulon, Javiera Parra, Jorge Campos and Nano Stern among others linked to the visual and performing arts in the country.

On the occasion, the main proposals of the Programa de Apruebo Dignidad for cultures were emphasised, such as the increase to 1% of the National Budget, the reformulation of funding mechanisms for the arts and cultural production, institutional strengthening and its decentralised and strong expression in regions, the national impulse to artistic education, as well as citizen participation in legislative processes, such as a new Heritage, Visual Arts and Archives Law and decent work for cultural workers, among others that can be reviewed on the website

The activity took place in the amphitheatre of the Museum of Fine Arts from early in the morning, while the candidate Gabriel Boric travelled to the city of La Serena, where he made the following statements:

“We have also committed ourselves to an ecological programme. We want to be the first ecological government in the history of our country. Because we know the drought affecting the area, we have also seen the rural communities in the region, how they are having a hard time because of the lack of water. And here we are going to change water management towards one that favours human consumption.

“I am very grateful to the residents of La Serena, Coquimbo, Ovalle, Punitaqui, Sotaquí, of all the places where we have been touring, because the support has been tremendously stimulating and you should know that this Sunday we are going all out because we are facing two very different projects. One that denies human rights to diversity, to minorities, to women, and another that seeks to move forward, which is ours, generating a Welfare State and dignity for all Chilean men and women. So we are going to play for it, count on us”.