Workshop: Configuration of the Inner Centre

More than five decades ago, very close to the highest mountain in the West, at the foot of Aconcagua, there in Punta de Vacas, a wise man, a teacher, a friend sent a message to the world. The Healing of Suffering was the name of that historic message.

In it he said: “This world is about to explode and there is no way to put an end to violence”… “There is no policy that can solve this frenzied desire for violence”… and we see that in the last fifty years physical, racial, economic, religious, psychological violence has taken over the whole planet without any solution for the time being….

In these times of great change, individuals, institutions and society are in crisis. Change will be more and more rapid, and so will individual, institutional and social crises. This heralds disturbances that may not be assimilated by broad sectors of the population, generating disorientation, fear, internal violence, loss of meaning in life.

But in that harangue, it was also said: “You can only end the violence in yourself, in others and in the world around you, by inner faith and inner meditation…”.

And this faith, sustained over time, generates a centre of gravity that keeps uncertainty away.

An inner centre that is formed on the basis of the recognition of experiences that create inner unity. Also, the knowledge of what creates contradiction in order to learn how to overcome it. Both unity and contradiction are experienced in relation to the way we act with others. Recognising the unity in oneself and the contradiction in oneself is fundamental to finding one’s bearings in life.

And how does one achieve such an important goal?… Starting by accepting that one cannot do it alone. It is necessary to work together with others who are in the same evolutionary direction.

We are a study team applied to the Park of Study and Reflection Punta de Vacas. We are concerned and occupied in making our contribution to coherence, to overcoming suffering.

Some months ago, we launched a cycle of Self-Knowledge whose first delivery was a course called; “Dynamic Meditations”, where we worked with relaxation techniques, formative themes such as; Landscapes and Looks, the Dynamics of the Image, Tensions and Climates, Space of Representation and four Guided Experiences from Silo’s book of Guided Experiences.

On this occasion we are launching another course (not sequential to the previous one), called “The Inner Centre”. In it we will see contents on Unity and Contradiction, The Golden Rule as a direction of Life, Coherence in the immediate spheres and some Principles of Valid Action.

These are all essential tools if we aspire to a unitive, coherent life of growing joy and strength for ourselves and our loved ones.

This online seminar for beginners unfamiliar with these works is free of charge. It will be held on Sunday’s 14th, 21st and 28th of November and 5th of December, from 19:00 hs. in Chile and Argentina. Peru 17:00 hrs. Europe 23:00hs. Duration; 90 minutes per meeting.

If you are interested, you can register at the following link.

Invited by: Coordinating Team of the cycle of Self-Knowledge.

Punta de Vacas Park for Studies and Reflection