Moroccan special forces raid the house of the Jaya family and inoculate Sultana and her mother with unknown substances by intramuscular injection.

Paramilitary elements belonging to the Moroccan occupying forces broke into the house of the family of Saharawi activist Sultana Jaya in the early hours of 8 November 2021 and forcibly injected her and her mother, Ammatu Emberic, an 83 year old woman, with unknown substances.

Videos recorded by Sultana immediately after the attack show the vandalism inside the house, where belongings were broken and almost all the furniture was damaged. It also shows the liquids thrown, believed to contain the pestilent substance known as “skunk water”, which is manufactured by an Israeli company and used in attacks on Palestinians in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Sultana Jaya, in apparent desperation, holds the international community fully responsible for the revengeful actions and slow murder of her family before the eyes of the United Nations and its organisations, which do not lift a finger and choose silence. A silence that sends a message of impunity to Morocco and encourages it to continue its criminal acts.

On the anniversary of Gdiem Izik, Moroccan paramilitaries stormed and vandalised the house of the Jaya family and injected Sultana and her mother with unknown substances. They poured skunk water in the house, used in Israeli attacks against Palestinians.