With this photo-report we give an account of the multiple activities that are deployed with force and energy, seeking the election of presidential candidate Gabriel Boric in the Chilean second round of elections.

Enthusiastic activists and supporters converged in 100 squares yesterday to express their support and organise door-to-door visits, banners, leafleting and the conquest of the indifferent vote in each of the neighbourhoods, while more than 1,000 artists pledged their resolute support for this collective campaign.

Humanist MP Tomás Hirsch met in the commune of La Reina, with the constituent Constanza Schonhaut, and councillors from the five communes of District 11 and all the opposition political parties (Chile Digno, Frente Amplio, Ecologistas, Igualdad and Ex Nueva Mayoría) to coordinate actions of territorial deployment that can ensure the victory on 19 December.

The photos are from Pressenza and Prensa Boric: