The II International Peace Congress has celebrated its second day with numerous presentations and workshops. The plenary session was attended by, among others: Amani Aruri (Palestine), from Generating Equality Global Youth Task Force, who gave a presentation on a non-violent future. Aleksey Gromyko (Russia), Director of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences spoke on common security for a new world order. Zhao Tong (China), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, discussed regional peace and security. Vanda Proskova (Czech Republic), from the Abolition 2000 Youth Network, on disarmament for development. Cyrille Roland Bechon (Cameroon), from New Human Rights in Cameroon, discussed the global south, inequality, human rights and violence. Helena Maleno (Spain) from Caminando Fronteras, on Racism, migration and peace. Lisa Linda Natividad, from Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice, on militarism and colonialism. A-Young Moon (South Korea), from Peace MOMO, on peace education. Blanca Garcés (Barcelona), from CIDOB, on the construction of peace in the Mediterranean.

After the plenary, in the workshop space, Pressenza held a workshop on nonviolent journalism coordinated by Tony Robinson. During the workshop they discussed the definition of violence and nonviolence and went on to explain various principles of nonviolent journalism: information as a social good and communication as a human right, the permanent development of knowledge, the social basis as a source of information, action beyond information, the ever-present point of view, human intentionality as a driver of action, responsibility versus guilt, diversity as richness, new sensibilities in the contemporary world, the unacceptability of violence in any of its forms, the denunciation of systemic oppression, the priority of non-violent conflict resolution, the treatment of conflict from a non-violent ethic or reconciliation as news.

Tony then described a series of tools for implementing the nonviolent approach in journalistic practices: the selection of topics, the construction of information, attention to language and meanings, the tone of communication, collaborative construction and the preparation of conclusions.

The workshop ended with the presentation of the book “Nonviolent Journalism” by authors Pía Figueroa, Nelsy Lizarazo, Juana Pérez Montero, Javier Tolcachier, and Tony Robinson, recently published by Pressenza.