These are two new short videos dedicated to historical acceleration. The first of them looks at it from the point of view of how we experience it, how things change more and more rapidly and this increases the difference between the world we remember and in which we were formed, and the world we perceive today. We talked about what we call our “Formative Landscape” with its sensibility, values, etc. and how it influences our behaviour and the way we feel; how the gap between landscapes can create problems of adaptation.

This speed of change has never happened before in history, and we are living in a unique moment. But the point is that it continues to accelerate, and the question is how far this is going to go.

Training landscape: It shows how the speed of change affects us personally and how it could be tackled.

In the second video, we see how different authors have seen how the acceleration of human history continues a trend that has already occurred in nature, in the sense that the evolutionary process has also been accelerating more and more, from geological changes to the emergence of life and then increasingly complex ecosystems.

Some authors from different disciplines and countries have concluded that the steady increase in historical acceleration points to a singularity, an unprecedented event that will bring radical changes. Others think it will not come to that.

Singularity: This deals with the various scientific theories about the past and future of historical acceleration and whether or not it will lead to a singularity.

These topics are often followed very rarely, but nevertheless, it seems to us that these are things that strongly influence our lives and will influence “real” life even more.

As you know, these two videos are in addition to the previous eleven videos on the Good Ideas You Might Not Know channel: