The Marcha Vivencial begins in Costa Rica with the presence of Rafael de la Rubia.

In the ceremonial acts held at the headquarters of the UNED Puntarenas, Ruben Monge, representing the Experimental Laboratory of the Arts, intervened. Jeiner González as Director a.i. of the UNED Puntarenas; Giovanny Blanco of the Central Coordination Team of the Latin American March and Rafael de la Rubia Founder of Mundo Sin Guerras y sin violencia.

Neighbours of the community and members of organisations of Integral Development of the area were present at the activity.

In the speeches, it was pointed out how important it is for this coastal region to develop activities that promote dialogue, union and the resolution of conflicts through non-violence.

We have started the experiential March from the city of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. It is with great excitement and optimism that we are taking the first steps of this marvellous March, which is on its way in many forms throughout Latin America, said Giovanny Blanco.

Latin America is called to be the region of the world that will make the leap towards cooperation, towards multilateralism and towards the transformation of society through nonviolence, concluded Rafael de la Rubia.

This is how it started with 6 marchers for nonviolence who will travel for 3 days, starting today, through 4 provinces of Costa Rica.

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