We publish here the images of the activity carried out yesterday to denounce what is happening with water, from the fact that to produce one tonne of copper 215,000 litres of water are needed, to the fact that in the commune of Lo Barnechea the mining company Los Bronces – owned by Angloamerican – consumes daily more than 100 million litres of water, equivalent to the daily consumption of 700,000 people.

Moreover, it is public knowledge that this mining company is destroying the glaciers, which are the most important water reserve.

Faced with this serious water crisis, which affects not only Lo Barnechea but also the whole of Chile, the government’s indications to restrict water consumption by taking a short shower or avoiding washing the car with a hosepipe, while avoiding the responsibility of those who truly abuse this resource, are unacceptable.

The protest was organised by the neighbours of Lo Barnechea and was attended by the District’s Deputy, the humanist Tomás Hirsch.

The photo report is by J. Vergara: