The new generations are going to teach the old generations how to love, how to treat each other. It will be the new generations that will begin to teach the adults with a new affection and a new understanding. Silo

The world as we know it is coming to an end, but how long will the stereotypes and models of patriarchal civilisation continue? A new world that has already been born is unfolding, everything is coming into the light, nothing is hidden or concealed anymore.

The way of expressing and constructing the world of patriarchy was (or is) through violence, but now everything is already visible, in this fabric of the new, everything is uncovered. In this way, new forms of communication and interrelation between human beings are being created. This reflection is not a naïve approach or a naïve view. The problems that exist at the moment are serious. We have to expose what we are experiencing from our point of view, because this experience may imply another door that is opening.

These creative forms of communication also have to do with the exchange between women of different generations. More and more, the gap between young and “old” is narrowing. More and more, the gap between what young women do and what “old women” do is narrowing significantly.

There is something atypical happening in human history: for the first time, the “old witches” are asking the younger ones to tell them what is coming, when in fact history describes that “the driving force” of actions are generational struggles. This mode, among women, is no longer working. We, as the “old generation”, cross paths with the young women, we exchange about the way of seeing the world without discrimination, without differences, without denying that the new process is carried by them.

We are listening and learning from generations that were always prejudiced and persecuted by those who had privileges. We experience what is happening in the talks with the youngest members of the groups, in the conversations where they question everything. Although we are returning to the original forms of exchange, what is different is that the young women have a predominant role, there are no hierarchies, it is horizontal. We all experience a different type of intergenerational encounters. We are transforming the beliefs we have about these limits. The exchange is independent of age: we can all learn from each other. It is said that the old model is a reference and I argue with that. We are not denying exchange, nor do we exaggeratedly positivise it, but we affirm collective understanding without competition, because “groups improve individuals”.

It is at this moment in history that feminism comes to stir the hornet’s nest, in this possibility of communicating in another way instead of giving opinions from the heights, from intellectual hierarchies, speaking with abstract or difficult concepts. This belongs to young women. This feminine thread of union, of coming together, of thinking, of thinking about oneself, is also new. We are witching, conspiring for a more humane and non-violent world. Let’s not stop listening to the diversity of voices and proposals. Let’s not stop multiplying our gaze and sharing our life experiences.

The new civilisation that is being born has this component. It is something unusual, but it can be seen, it is being exercised. It is not true that nothing new is happening in this crisis. It is a view of the world that I am experiencing and I am taking charge of it as I write it.