The Paine Park of Study and Reflection, located 50km from Santiago de Chile, has been under construction since 2010, with the efforts of many humanists. Among them are the late Huga Tormen and María Cristina Soto, for each of whom a tree has been planted at the entrance to the study hall. It has been a work that has been continued over the years by many other humanists in a self-managed way, with projects already completed and others yet to be done.

The Parks of Study and Reflection are, in the words of Mario Rodríguez Cobos (Silo), “places of refuge, of welcome, where people can recompose themselves and gain in faith and joy. We want these places to become a social reference point. Parks that are beacons of humanity throughout the world”. There, at times when certainties and securities are crumbling, it is possible to meet other people to pause, study and reflect, connecting with personal and social Meaning.

One of the main missions of the Parks is to prepare for entry into the School, in one of its four disciplines (Material, Mental, Energetic and Formal), which is rooted in teachings common to all spiritual currents of humanity, such as “The Golden Rule”: Treat others as you want to be treated. In the School you learn to understand these teachings deeply in your own life and to practice them in the world.

In the first batch (2019) 33 new Masters were trained and applications for the second batch are open until 31 August. Face-to-face meetings are held one Saturday per month for 9 months, with online reinforcement sessions.

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