There have been several serious, growing threats to Brazil’s democracy since President Bolsonaro took power, in 2019. Last week, former President Lula da Silva got a death threat from a businessman in a video, with a big gun in his hand: considered by a prosecutor “freedom of speech.” Noam Chomsky, in an exclusive talk to this author, brings bombshell information about Lula’s life security. Exposing why Lula could be killed, Chomsky approaches the Brazilian political  scenario, and recent Bolsonaro’s secret meeting with CIA Director, William Burns

The events in July in the Brazilian political scene made the sober and always “prophetic” American analyst Noam Chomsky, in conversations from his Arizona residence with this author, from the beginning to the end of the month to analyze the situation in an increasingly worrying way, finishing the talks with a bombshell revelation about the country’s chaotic situation – more specifically, about the security of former president Lula da Silva.

Considering “suggestive” the mysterious meeting between Bolsonaro and C.I.A. Director William Burns, on July 1st in Brasilia, the legendary American sociologist and linguist states that “a military coup does not seem out of question” in the South American country, as I have been reported on my previous article.

Finishing July in best Bolsonaro-style, prosecutor Maria Paula Machado de Campos from Artur Nogueira city, advocated for the cause of businessman José Sabatini who simply threatened to kill former President Lula da Silva, calling him names, through a video with a gun in his hand.

Evidencing, once again, that arbitrariness and patheticity have no limits these times in Brazil, the “prosecutor” determined that  used “freedom of expression” when threatening to kill Lula.

For “prosecutor” Maria de Campos, “criminal law cannot be used to intimidate, silence or censor the individual in his freedom of thought”.

About “possible excesses” by Sabatini, the “prosecutor alleged that the businessman acted moved by the current political moment in the country” because, according to her, there has been an “intense political polarization of society, with the multiplication of news broadcast by the media daily, on all kinds of topics”.

The obvious conclusion of that, which sets serious precedents for Mr. Lula’s security and for the Brazilian democracy itself, is that Sabatini is a victim – and the former president is guilty.

Former President Lula ends up being blamed for the threat he suffered, the “prosecutor” made it clear, and for the deep atmosphere of hatred, the polarization addressed by “prosecutor” Maria de Campos”.

“Reasoning” evidenced in the decision of Artur Nogueira city’s “prosecutor”, as an example of growing crimes against the rule of law by the usurpers of power in Brazil lately, which has been frightening the whole world.

It is worth mentioning that Lula, Workers’ Party 2022 presidential candidate, more and more leads the polls, as President Bolsonaro is just free-falling.

Immediately afterwards asked if Lula is at risk of being assassinated, Chomsky, author of more than 100 books, explains the Brazilian scenario, summarizing it as follows:

“For a decade a ‘soft coup’ has been underway to reinforce the rule of private wealth and power.

“The program could have been disrupted if Lula had been allowed to run in 2018.

“That threat was handled by dispatching him to prison on flimsy charges, as now recognized, and barring him from saying a public word during the campaign.

“Polls indicate that he would likely win if permitted to run next year.

“There is, regrettably, considerable reason to fear that more extreme measures may be taken this time to ensure perpetuation of the disaster that has unfolded for Brazil under Bolsonaro’s guiding hand, and with the destruction of the Amazon, for the world.”

Asked if by more extreme measures Chomsky is referring to a murder, the most renowned analyst of our generation answers:

“More extreme measures might include killing him. Not excluded.”

The renowned economist Ladislau Dowbor, author of innumerable books in several languages, and columnist for Brasil 247 website, says that the need to secure Lula’s life is really being widely discussed in Brazil.

“They’ve already arrested Lula, they’ve already dealt a coup against Dilma Rousseff, there are powerful militias…,” Dowbor points out, agreeing with Chomsky’s warn. “The danger exists, is real.”

There have been several pieces of evidence of Bolsonaro’s link to too violent and powerful Rio’s militias.

Has the threat to Lula, with the subsequent, inconceivably arbitrary Artur Nogueira’s “prosecutor’s” decision been elaborated in some sort of “laboratory”, perhaps even Made in the U.S.A. in order to generate a “domino effect” in the local society that threatens former president’s life?

History is full of facts like that, starting with Brazilian politics with the C.I.A. itself. 1964, Bolsonaro’s declared passion, is its bitterest precedent – the eternal day of lie, and exceeding violence for Brazil that seems like has never been passed.