I love your poetry he said

and poured his soul

into my teacup


I was as usual

afire with thirst

It was still winter


No end in sight


Being a geisha of words

an angel stunned in mid-flight

I fell to earth

lured into a tea house


He a samurai from Yedo

I a principal lady from Luzon

sat and palavered


It was great fun


Ah…but the past weighs

the future presses


The angel must away

her souls assist

infants awaiting birth

the desperate to solace


The warrior must battle

the dragon Grendel

spews fire and thunder

laying waste the fiefdom


I strummed my dainty samisen

we recited our poems

discussed ethics and mesmerism


Daybreak came

the tea ceremony ended

Excusing ourselves

with solemn courteousness

Our tea house

we departed.