Conscious Earth Alliance Online Weekend Conference July 10-11th 2021

By Valerie Sandelin

The second online Conscious Earth Alliance Conference will take place on July 10-11th 2021. The conference will contrast two emergent and very different intellectual and cultural movements –Neohumanism and Transhumanism. A description of each can be found below.

On Saturday 10th July the first speaker, Joachim Gerlach, will share insights as to the hidden structures of power currently at work within the world and within which technology is embedded. The second speakers, Journalist, Chris Lonsdale and Biologist, Peter Botte, explore aspects of the covid crisis and agendas, they claim, are behind it, and its implications for humanity. Researcher, Harald Kautz-Vella, takes a critical look at the dark occult elements of transhumanism and suggests alternative trajectories of development. The final speaker, Ravishekhar argues for a Neohumanist future that embraces modern technologies in service to our deeper human purpose.

On Sunday 11th July the first speaker, Peter Jadinge directly contrasts neohumanism with transhumanism. Amar Fernandes, an environmental activist from Brazil, looks at the accelerated learning method of Georgi Lozanov as an alternative to a transhumanist tech approach. This is followed by a workshop by psychotherapist, Radha Cohen, titled, “The Awakening of Humanity”. The following two presenters are medical doctors. Dr Kjitil Johanssen claims the vaccine is experimental gene therapy that could have devastating effects in the long term and shares his understandings of the elites he says are behind this. Dr Elke de Klerk, co-founder of Doctors for Truth in the Netherlands, considers the vaccine to be experimental and its roll-out has lacked real care from the heart. She believes divide and rule strategies are being pushed by elites who are exploiting the pandemic for their own purposes.

The next session features short talks from representatives of three inspiring groups: Jon Swinden from the Humanist Movement, who will talk about its philosophy, objectives and activities. This will be followed by members of the Common Law Group in Norway who talk about their work to reinstate human rights under Common Law. Maneka Helleberg, Chairperson of the World Freedom Alliance will inspire us with their work of bringing truth, freedom and best practice to the world. Our final session presents Didi Ananda Usha, a yoga nun of 45 years, who shares spiritual insights and lessons from a life of neohumanist service.

A brief outline of Transhumanism and Neohumanism:

Transhumanism is an intellectual movement that believes human beings can and should use technology and scientific innovations to augment and enhance existing human capabilities – both physical and mental. This could happen through engineering the human genome, utilising wearable, implantable or nano-technologies and interlinking the human mind with Artificial Intelligence. This, proponents claim, could overcome the effect of disabilities, reduce physical and emotional suffering, increase the human life-span and dramatically increase human cognitive capabilities. In this way human biological evolution can be transcended leading to “directed evolution”, thus will the Transhuman ultimately be replaced by the Posthuman. Inventor, Dan Winter, observes that “most transhumanists seem unable or unwilling to consider spiritual evolution (ensoulment) as a scientific survival priority”. Naturally, many questions arise as to both the dangers and benefits of transhumanism and whether such advances should be embraced enthusiastically, explored with caution, or avoided at all costs.

Neohumanism also conceives of a new future for humanity. In 1982, P.R. Sarkar wrote: “When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as Neohumanism. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.” Neohumanists seek the qualitative elevation of human beings – achievable by wholistic natural practices – coupled with united struggles against all forms of exploitation in the external world.

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