I put myself in your skin,

and I was you.

I felt your awe, your fear,

your pain, your pleasure,

and the divine spark that became the Force within you,

impelling you forward since forever


For the twinkling of an eye I was you

I clambered through the trees with you

and took refuge in their branches at night,

I felt the cold penetrating my bones,

and when the sun awoke I ran at your side

the stones biting into my feet,

hunger and thirst gnawing at my entrails,

and you kept on going


Without thinking, sister, I became you.

I saw how you cared for the fire,

how you guided it,

how you shared its blessings.

I saw your awakening on this Earth,

and I wept with gratitude for your irrepressible drive


Lucy, without knowing it,

you had begun to create the human world.

June 21, 2021