When we pick up a newspaper or turn on a television news broadcast, more often than not, information focuses on conflict, violence, disaster. Nationally and internationally, it seems an increasing number of broadcasts and publications skew focus and create confusion in groups of people without clarity in distinguishing truth from lies. Struggling to emerge from a worldwide pandemic, people comply…or not, believe…or disbelieve…seek or shun.  As this matrix of worldwide imbalance continues, as throughout history, the powerless bear the consequences.

Recent events between Israel and Palestine are no exception. This area of the world has had historical difficulties certainly for decades, centuries. People, groups exist who have felt and understood the need to act on conscience, on an inner ethical culture without which Einstein said, “there is no salvation for humanity.”

Saturday, I attended a Zoom briefing with such a group of incredibly committed individuals. In this video of the event, Palestinian Board Member, Aziz Abu Sarah and Israeli activist, Shai Goren give a very good understanding on the background leading up to the current violence.


Combatants for Peace founded in 2006, is a non-profit, volunteer organization of ex-combatant Israelis and Palestinians, men and women, who have laid down their weapons and rejected all means of violence. They are working together to end the occupation of Palestine, bring just peace to the land, and demonstrate that Israelis and Palestinians can work and live together. They – serving their peoples, raised weapons which they aimed at each other and saw each other only through gun sights – have established Combatants for Peace based on principles of non-violence.  Their international contact is: https://cfpeace.org and their U.S. contact is: https://afcfp.org/