We, Siloist Humanists, Messengers and Teachers of the School of Silo, listen to the millenary clamour that runs through the planet, that which springs from the entrails of the History of this patriarchal civilisation, which today pushes  strongly to transform the world. In this way we add our contribution, shedding light in our spheres, to give coherence to our Project in the Humanisation of the world.

We are women and dissidents who do not want to neglect ourselves, nor expose ourselves to any kind of violence for the naivety of believing that our spaces are safe, because they are not. They will be safe to the extent that what is expressed in this manifesto is carried out. We know, of course, that different cases of sexual violence have occurred throughout our history and that, because we have kept silent, they have continued to occur in subsequent generations. We do not want this violence to be part of the experiences of new generations.

Fear, degradation and pacts of silence have perpetuated anti-humanism in our humanist spheres. We will not accept that this continues to happen, these behaviours have nothing to do with the Siloist doctrine.

We reinforce our rejection of all forms of violence that we have experienced simply because we are women and dissidents.

We break the pact of silence that we have been part of for so many years.

We demand respect for our subjectivity and the value of the intentionality of each human being, in resonance with our principles of valid action.

We intend to exchange, contain and work with each other, breaking the patriarchal enmities imposed on us and repairing the damage we have carried for centuries.

We protect each other and we want to build trusting and truly non-violent environments, without appearances to take care of, for all women, dissidences and children from today onwards.

We firmly repudiate in our environments those violent people who endanger the physical and psychological integrity of those who participate in them. In accordance with the above, we will give visibility to situations of violence, according to the methodology of active non-violence, by publicly denouncing injustice on the basis of our procedural protocol.

We will strive for an environment in which degradation, ridicule, humiliation and objectification are truly rejected. And above all, the denial of the intentionality of others, which satisfies the violence of some.

We will work for everyone to finally find the strength to express themselves, because if the interest is humanisation and an open future, this process is essential.

We express our active solidarity to our humanist friends who need a support network like this one and we invite them to join our exchanges and nonviolent actions.

Now that what was naturalised is no longer naturalised, the wounds have been exposed. Not only our own wounds, our ancestors cry out with us through the centuries. Not only for the most abhorrent of violence, but also for the most subtle and symbolic.

This is an act of faith that the whole will improve the individual. And it is a further step in the Humanisation of the world and of ourselves.

Peace, Force and Joy.

Barricade International

May 2021