By Perfecto Caparas
PRESSENZA journalist Perfecto Caparas interviewed Dr. Glenn M. Mendoza, M.D., also known as Master Glenn, about the 100-day Meditation on Twin Hearts and “Healing Pods” that he initiated to bless and heal Humanity and Mother Earth after COVID-19 struck.

Perfecto Caparas: Can you tell us a bit about your background as a medical doctor and as a Master Pranic Healer?

Dr. Glenn Mendoza: I had the honor and privilege to study under GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for over 14 years. The title of Master Pranic Healer is one I hold with great reverence and respect. It has been an honor and gift to be under the tutelage of Master Choa and his faith in me to continue his teachings in the United States and around the world. I have also had the opportunity to build my professional career to serve as one of the Top Doctors in the New York Metropolitan Area and Hudson Valley as Director of Neonatology for over 21 years.

PC: After the COVID-19 pandemic struck and when the US and other countries needed to endure long periods of lockdowns starting in March 2020, what initiatives have you undertaken? What impact have your initiatives and actions generated?

GM: As soon as COVID-19 pandemic struck, we could all see the world was retreating in fear. In order to help people navigate these times, I initiated a global Meditation on Twin Hearts to help ease the panic and evoke more hope and peace during this time. Late at night, after the meditations, a group of senior Pranic Healers gathered on zoom calls and we would scan people we knew who were infected with Coronavirus. Many of them were my medical colleagues who were infected, some very sick and some eventually lost their lives. It was an intense time for us to scan and learn what this virus was doing to us energetically and how we could help heal those who contracted it. We spent many evenings working together and learning from those early cases. We would do healing and review the next night to document progress and adjust our healings. We healed as a group, each person contributing to a part of the overall healing. I told the group, “We may not know anyone who has this virus personally, but at some point it will touch each and every one of our lives.”

We developed a Pranic Healing Protocol so that others could provide healing based on our findings in those late night meetings. I told the group of healers who were meeting to gather healing groups or “healing pods” of their own. They were to lead their groups, as I led this group, healing COVID-19 patients together. I encouraged them to heal everyone and anyone they knew who was infected by COVID-19. We developed a web-site so people could request healing for themselves or loved ones free of charge. Project Hope for Healing grew out of our compassionate efforts to help ease the suffering of humanity during this time. The leaders did as I instructed them and our initial late night efforts multiplied. Hundreds of healers around the world gathered, with over 60 leaders, over 500 healers and as of December 2020, we collectively offered over 80,000 Pranic Healing treatments world-wide. We continue to meet weekly holding meetings translated in English, Spanish and Portuguese to address questions and concerns.

PC: What role does Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts play in this pandemic?

GM: What began as an invitation for a 7-day meditation carried forward for 100 days. Imitating my great teacher, Master Choa, I knew in times of change and uncertainty that meditation would help to ground and connect those who were seeking higher emotions of faith, hope and inspiration, would benefit from the evening meditations. I received thousands of e-mails from participants whose life transformed during that time. Some experienced miraculous healings, amazing insights, greater clarity and collectively we transformed. The energy from those evenings created an experience of community, faith and contribution as we blessed the earth night after night. In our late night meetings, we would scan the fear and negative emotions building around the world. But we also scanned the love and hope, it was also increasing. We knew our efforts during those times helped to transform our own experience, as well as infuse more light and love during these trying times.

PC: What is the significance of COVID-19? What lessons does this pandemic teach humanity?

GM: What is so interesting about COVD-19 is that it has touched each and every one of our lives, but all in unique and different ways. It is as if COVID-19 has held up a mirror to all of us and created an opportunity to look more closely into our health, happiness, relationships with others, relationships with ourselves, finances, and faith. It simultaneously put a pressure on everyone that in some ways created the need for growth which can be uncomfortable and unsettling, but inevitably we all will benefit in some ways from that growth. We cannot be stagnant and evolve at the same time. Challenging times are not always welcome, but usually when we reflect back on those times, we can see the silver lining and the gifts that were a result. We get stronger, we learned and we grow when placed under this added pressure.

During the evening of our 100 days of meditations, I began to lecture on different fundamental truths to help people navigate some of these uncertain times of the 2020 Pandemic. I realized that these times of uncertainty held similarities to other times of uncertainties and some of these fundamental truths could help people not only during this time, but many other times of change as well. I began to write these “Rules” to navigating uncertain times and compiled them into a book with Dawn M. Myers: “Rules that Guide Us, how to navigate times of uncertainty”. In this book, we cover the patterns of progress people normally face when moving through times of change. We offer insight, inspiration and guidance on how to transform and be open to growth during this process. To see and honor the inner transformation as much as the outer, physical transformation. We are excited to release the book in 2021 as reflections of what we learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.

PC: How do you envision humanity’s future post-pandemic?

GM: One of the greatest gifts during this time was how our community of Pranic Healers came together. When the world separated, energetically we came together. As the world was overcome with panic and fear, we came together with greater intention of healing, hope and faith. I have seen this in the medical field as well. When faced with hardships, people of heart and love rose to the occasion and joined efforts to strengthen their contribution to what was happening. The “group work” of teams helping those in need emerged in greater capacity during these times. I see this in our healing world and in the medical field. Some walls have come down in solo work and group work has emerged. I think this will be one of the positive on-going benefits from the works done during the pandemic in many fields.

PC: Anything else that you want to convey to our readers, please?

GM: This time of uncertainty and change will not be the last nor the only one we face in our lives. It is a natural part of our human experience. The storm will always pass, but it is how we navigate; it is the part of the gift that remains. The greater clarity, the strength from overcoming our obstacles, the growth from building new parts of our life and the perseverance of enduring so many new experiences is ultimately the gifts we receive from times such as this.

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