The discussion about the need to create a global governance of the common Earth starting from the peoples has been going on for a long time. Initiatives in this direction already exist and are very welcome.

Saturday, 03/27/2021
02:00 PM GMT / 09:00 AM Washington DC / 05:00 PM Addis ABaba / 07:30 PM New Delhi / 01:00 AM Camberra

Multiconvergence of Global Networks (MRG) has an experimental proposal and invites interested people, movements and institutions to collectively advance in the debate and co-construction. A Parliament of Planetary Citizenship needs to be built with urgency and serenity, starting from our best intentions of justice, democracy, ecology and the Good Living and exercising our best practices coherent with these ideals. In order to carry out a modest PILOT EXPERIENCE, MRG proposes that a Parliament be created within the networks that already make up MRG.

The invitation for the next MRG event which will take place on March, 27th at 02:00 pm (GMT) and will be organized by URI – United Religions Initiative, intends to present the proposal to all interested networks in order to perfect it with emphasis on listening, so as to advance in the experience accepting the imperfections as part of the experimentation and development process.

Our expectation is that each network can indicate the names of two representatives (one of each gender) committed to mobilize their networks for the process

All people interested in being part of this construction are welcome.

Event to be held in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish, French and Portuguese.
ID: 825 1512 6281 | Code: 001874

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