Ecuador’s progressive movement, the Union for Hope (UNES), is carrying out a strong promotional campaign, after officially presenting its electoral platform for the elections slated for February 7.

The inaugural event, done with three-dimensional technology, brought together in a virtual set UNES presidential ticket, Andres Arauz-Carlos Rabascall, from Ecuador, with former president Rafael Correa, leader of the Citizens’ Revolution, who is in Mexico.

Presidential frontrunner Arauz ratified the commitment to prioritize the search for solutions to the severe economic problems this South American country is going through, caused, in his opinion, by mismanagement of the current government, led by Lenin Moreno, and exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Likewise, he insisted to work with people with low income and the youth, whom he plans to benefit with the creation of decent employment sources and access to social security.

He also emphasized that he will continue to invest in public works for the construction of bridges, roads, hospitals and schools.

His program also envisages plans in education at all levels and access to quality, universal and free higher education.

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