A ‘Voting at Home’ drill in Ecuador verified the procedures of this type of elections, with nine days remaining until the general elections scheduled for February 7th.

The process took place at the national level, in compliance with the Operational Plan, the established Electoral Calendar, and articles 111 and 115 of the Democracy Code.

The ‘Voting at Home’ modality is voluntary or optional and allows the polls to be brought closer to people over 50 years of age and with a physical disability of 75 percent.

The drill tested the installation process of the Mobile Vote Receiving Board, evaluated the procedures and times of transfer and voting in each of the different routes.

It also verified that the members of the Mobile Vote Receiving Boards, the National Police and the drivers of Fedotaxis, a transportation company that will support the transfer of personnel to the voters’ places of residence, knew the way and the addresses of the beneficiaries.

Likewise, during the exercise, the participants familiarized themselves with the handling of the documents that are part of the operational folder and evaluated the application of the Biosafety Protocol for the prevention of Covid-19.