This is what the UBI4ALL Campaign is trying to answer by means of a lottery where residents of the European Union can win a Basic Income, the money for which has been obtained via crowdfunding.

Anyone in the European Union can win an 800€ a month Unconditional Basic Income as of Thursday, 26 November 2020. UBI4ALL, as the pan-European project is called, collects money through crowdfunding and raffles it as Basic Income. The lottery is open to anyone aged 16 and over, residing in an EU country. The payment is made for one year without any conditions. Registration is free and people are invited to contribute, if they wish, with donations so that as many basic incomes as possible can be drawn.

UBI4ALL aims to make basic income a tangible reality throughout the European Union. The experiences which will be gained will thus further enrich the discussions on the Unconditional Basic Income.

Helwig Fenner, the inspirer behind UBI41LL, stated: “The idea of a basic income knows no national borders. It is time to establish the concept of living without constraints, a safety net for the future, within EU policy.”

The event that occasioned the establishment of UBI4ALL was the launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative for Unconditional Basic Incomes across the EU, which aims to collect one million signatures in one year to force the EU to take action on basic income. The initiative has so far collected more than 73,000 signatures since it started in September. Some of the most populous countries, such as Spain and Germany, have already managed to collect about 30% of the signatures needed, based on the limits set by the EU, while Slovenia has already managed to reach 100% of the required signatures. Greece is in third place in the number of required signatures and needs approximately another 10,000 signatures.

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