The Madrid Film and Human Rights Festival is being held these days. “Travel Companions” by Elsa Sierra and Alvaro Orús is among the selected documentaries. A documentary dedicated to the people who accompany their loved ones in the last stage of their life.

There are also two other documentaries promoted by Pressenza: “Soaring the flight” and “Beyond revenge” in the program of 50 films that can be seen free of charge.

From here, we want to support this much-needed initiative and say that we are happy to meet like-minded people.

The Official Section of Documentary Short Films of the V Edition of the Madrid Film and Human Rights Festival 2020 will be available for free until December 13, and you can see all the films of the program at this address: festivaldecineyderechoshumanos madrid /? ref = page_internal

Festival trailer:

Translation by Lulith V., from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!