Within the framework of the initiative GREECE FOR ASSANGE, referring to Julian Assange, award-winning Australian journalist and publisher of Wikileaks, who is imprisoned in London and is awaiting a judicial decision on 4/1/2021 on possible extradition to the USA, where he is in danger of being condemned to prison for 175 years…

the artistic team Compagnie Erinna, based in Paris, and the cultural team Art Attack from Thessaloniki…

having as their special concern the freedom of the press and freedom of speech – artistic or otherwise – and with the aim of mobilizing Greek public opinion on a burning issue during an especially critical period for humanity and personal rights, organized…

an on-line discussion event with the public.

Title: “The Julian Assange Case: A Prerequisite for the Freedom of All of Us”

Date and time: Saturday, 28 November 2020 from 6-9 pm.

Entrance is free at the link: https://meet.jit.si/securefreespeechsecureourfreedom

Opening Remarks:

Anastasia Politi – Economist, theatrologist, director, actor, artistic team Compagnie Erinna (Paris)

Eleni Karasavidou – University of Ioannina (ΕΔΙΠ), columnist, writer, Art Attack, Thessaloniki

Introduction: The actor, Dimitra Syroy, reading extracts from Julian Assange’s book

Cypherpunks, Freedom and the Future of the Internet(which has been translated into Greek and published by PIOTITA).
  1. The Assange Case: Freedom of the Press in Times of Lockdown

Coordinator: Anastasia Politi

6.15 to 7.30 pm


Spyros Soumerlidis, journalist, Kontra Channel and omegapress.gr

Aris Hadjistefanou, journalist, info-war.gr

Ioanna Kleftoyanni, journalist, sputniknews.gr

  1. The Ethical, Political and Psychological Parameters of a Case which Shook the World

Coordinator: Eleni Karasavidou

7.30 to 8.15 pm


Emmy Batlin-Lymperaki, economist, activist, member of the British Organizing Committee for the Defense of Julian Assange (JADC)

Evdokia Eleftheriou – clinical psychologist

Lambrini Thoma, journalist, Τhe Press Project

  1. The Legal Parameters of a Case Which May Possibly Change the World

Coordinator: Anastasia Politi

8.15 to 9 pm


Kostas Papadakis, lawyer, advocate for civil action at the trial of J.A.

Niki Konstantinidou, Greek-Australian lawyer, Member of the Supreme Court of Australian and Northern Ireland, Support Group Australia

Natalia-Angeliki Adamopoulou, Athens lawyer, Member of Parliament for the Athens ‘A’ District. (To be confirmed)

Conclusion of the Event, with a Message from Julian Assange’s Father

A new meeting will follow on a date to be announced.

For more information: compagnie.erinna@gmail.com +306944993105 (Αnastasia Politi)

Facebook Page: GreeceforAssange

Facebook Group: Λευτεριά στο Julian Assange

Translation by Jeannette A. Arduino, from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!