On December 10, when the 72nd anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated, the right to subsistence of each person remains to be truly developed because it is a Right.

To do this, we propose the implementation of a Universal and Unconditional Basic Income for all Humanity.

By The Humanist Network for Universal Basic Income

On International Human Rights Day, there can be no higher right than the right to survival of every human being by the simple fact of being born.

This is possible today, thanks to the accumulated wealth that exists throughout the planet. A wealth that we consider belongs to everyone since it is the product of the contribution of all the generations that preceded us and the current one of all the citizens of the planet.

This right, which is referred to in article 25.1, and which reads:

Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living that ensures health and well-being, as well as their family, and especially food, clothing, housing, medical assistance and the necessary social services. You are also entitled to insurance in the event of unemployment, illness, disability, widowhood, old age, or other cases of loss of your means of subsistence due to circumstances independent of your will.

We said, this right has not been developed, and we understand that in an interested way, because it would touch the interests of that minority that concentrates in their hands more and more the wealth that belongs to everyone. Today, a minority that dictates the policies of the States, who are responsible for providing and maintaining the funds that allow the operation of the United Nations, conditioning the projects of the organization that should guarantee the rights of all women and men.

To ensure subsistence, it is essential to implement measures such as a universal and unconditional basic income, or something similar.

It is true that this year, after the Covid-19 pandemic, Antonio Guterres and other UN referents have proposed the need to implement a Universal and Unconditional Basic Income, but the time has come to defend it and urge Governments to implement it throughout the planet.

We propose that this measure not be delayed because the pandemic has deepened the crisis in which we were already immersed and which is closely related to the fall in employment due to technological advances. This is something that does not concern us humanists, what we care about is ensuring the survival of each and every one. We know that wealth gives to all humanity, the point is that it has to begin to be redistributed, to be given back to us because it was depleted from us over the centuries and it continues to be done.

Implementing a universal, unconditional, individual and sufficient basic income is a measure of social justice, urgent for the survival of millions of human beings who are in poverty, and a step towards building the future to which most of the people of the world aspire. Worldwide.

Universal and Unconditional Basic Income NOW!


Translation by Lulith V., from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!