By Dr. Partha Banerjee

And there is still a high chance that Trump will get re-elected, especially if white voters with no college education turn out in huge numbers on November 3, and at the same time Biden voters — college-educated, affluent, and/or African-American and Latino voters do not do so. Trump could still come out on top if women voters do not flood the polling booths in favor of Biden and Harris.

Then, there is the question we’ve asked before: will he quit even if he loses? Or, will he create a constitutional crisis, with help from his violent, racist foot soldiers on the street, or the top court?

He has never said unequivocally — even for once — that he will quit if he loses the election. He has not.
He knew this pandemic would kill countless people, but he hid the information from the people, so that stock market profit is not disturbed.

He warned wealthy donors, while at the same time downplayed the threat of the pandemic for the general public.

He called his own scientists idiots, and branded reputable Dr. Anthony Fauci a diaster.

He blasted his own cabinet members for not arresting his foes such as Obama, Biden and Hillary.

He called climate change a hoax, and said wind turbines cause cancer. He pulled out of the Paris Climate Treaty, destroying hopes for a meaningful global action.

He supported dictators and tyrants such as Putin and Kim Jong-Un, and praised Saudi Arabian royal family because they bought his property paying billions. He completely ignored Saudi’s gross violation of human rights. He even joked about a lifetime presidency.

He called immigrants rapists and murderers. He separated immigrant families, and put children in cages. Hundreds of children are now missing.

He ordered police to clear out the road full of BLM protesters so he can walk to the church waving the Bible — for a photo op.

He publicly used dirty words on women. He did it many times.

At the last presidential debate with Biden, he called India, China and Russia “filthy” countries.

He promised to destroy labor unions.

This is just one man. He is Donald Trump.

But many Americans are still undecided whether or not he should be their president again.

One thing is for sure, however. If Trump is re-elected on November 3, all the above nightmarish scenarios will exacerbate, and we will see a full-blown dictatorial, authoritarian rule here in USA. Democracy and free speech will collapse. Minorities and immigrants will have a nightmarish situation.

Trump’s rise has striking resemblance to the rise of other infamous dictators, tyrants, and authoritarian rulers.

Noam Chomsky actually called Trump worse than Hitler.

Voting for U.S. President Donald Trump is worse than voting for Hitler, Chomsky said. “Hitler was maybe the worst criminal in human history.” He wanted to murder millions of Jews, Slavs, Roma, homosexuals, others. “But what does Trump want to do? He wants to destroy the prospects for organized human life.”

Are YOU ready for such an ultimate catastrophe?


Dr. Partha Banerjee, Labor Educator and Writer, Brooklyn, New York.