By Mark Lesseraux

Isn’t it ironic that over the last 40 years no American has received more (financial) government assistance than Donald Trump?

Which begs the question: If our socio-economic system has “evolved” in such a way that it has been celebrating, subsidizing and handing over power to self-serving reckless ignorants (like Trump) for going on four decades now, then why do so many folks think it’s Donald Trump’s fault that we’re in the dire position we’re in today?

Shouldn’t we instead be asking ourselves what has gone wrong with our system which has basically laid a red carpet out for unscrupulous multimillionaires and billionaires like Donald Trump? Over the last 30 to 40 years we have given over the reigns of power to a reckless contingent of opportunists and vulture capitalists who don’t pay taxes and who in many cases owe millions of dollars to a government that has, due to massive deregulation, rendered itself a servant to these sharks and criminals.

These sharks and criminals have shifted the burden of taxation almost completely onto the shoulders of the poor and working middle class, all the while being doted on and exalted by a mainstream media that has essentially been rendered a servant to these sharks and criminals.

And all of this has taken place at the expense of millions of Americans who work full-time and pay taxes while living paycheck to paycheck in a country that has not seen a rise in real wages since 1978.

Donald Trump is simply doing now what he’s been doing for the last four plus decades. His behavior hasn’t changed nor has it been checked in any way. In fact he’s been rewarded continually for his six bankruptcies and his failure to pay his workers and his taxes. So why are we blaming Trump? It’s not his fault that we’ve been giving him and people like him carte blanche to run amok for decades. Heck, all he’s been getting from us are green lights. Maybe it’s we and not him who’ve got our signals crossed?