LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 @ 2 PM

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Kabylie is an ethnolinguistic region located in the north of Algeria, between sea and mountains, known for its oaks, cedars and olive trees, Kabylie is made up above all of men and women who have nourished its identity through the generations. The Kabyles people have always vigorously resisted the many colonizers. He fought his land with honor against imperial Roman, Byzantine, Spanish, Arab and French imperial.

Since 1962, Kabylie has been misled by a pseudo-sovereignty that it thinks it holds, since then Kabylie has become the environment most favorable to the claim of Berber identity which refers to an ancestral value system (code of honor) , through the writing, the poetry, the song and the activism of its inhabitants, but the Algerian regime still subjects them to repression.

The economic development of Kabylia is within its reach, on condition that it regains its specificity of governance. Indeed, with the real economic potential at its disposal and which one seeks at all costs to deprive it, is capable, not only of ensuring its own development, but also of contributing decisively to the development of other peoples of Algeria, as long as they are reconciled with themselves and fully enter into progress and modernity.

MODERATOR: Rabah Arkam, Militant of the Kabyle and Amazigh cause, defender of human rights, he fights for a federal state in Algeria, He defended secularism against religious instrumentalization He worked with international organizations to improve the human rights situation, and he is the author of several articles in the international press.

Racid At Ali uQasi, Militant of the Kabyle and Amazigh cause, he is founding members of the Mouloud Mammeri cultural association in Algiers, the Amazigh Cultural Association of Ottawa-Gaineau, later on Tiregwa Foundation to help projects promoting the Kabyle language and Amazigh, especially in the literary field. Finally, the last project in which he is involved is TQ5 Media, (Kabyle television).

Lyazid Abid, Kabyle politician, founding member and spokesperson of the Union for the Kabyle Republic (URK), former minister and then former vice-president of the Kabyle provisional government (Anavad), Amazight activist and founding member of the Assirem association. He created the Amitié Germany-Kabylie Deutsch-Kabylische Freundschaft e.V. association, he launched the online newspaper, and he was a member of the executive committee of the International Foundation for the Kabyle Diaspora (FIDEK), of which he was also a founding member