As we already informed, last August 29th 11 global networks met in a second meeting to know each other better, share initiatives and project possible common actions.

From that day on…

  1. A small team was assembled with the same people who spoke in Spanish on behalf of their networks at the meeting on the 29th.  This team is working on the drafting of two letters to be presented to the UN Secretary General: the first one – of a strategic nature – proposing changes in the institutional and political architecture of that organism, and the other one – tactical – asking for the implementation of urgent measures to alleviate some consequences of the pandemic (universal vaccine, without patents, and Universal and Unconditional Basic Income, among others).
  2. The personal contact between the members of the different networks, is giving rise to the exchange of experiences and the support of some to the initiatives of others.

While other people and collectives are informed of this process and bring new proposals, Viral Open Space proposes a new meeting next weekend. Here is the invitation.

Invitation to the Viral Open Space – September 20-21, 2020

On September 20 and 21, contribute to the effort to build a process that will bring our initiatives together from the local to the global!

Global mobilization continues!

Born in a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Viral Open Space (VOS) offers an unprecedented learning process, punctuated by online events, inspired by the experiences of World Social Forums and other transnational spaces of mobilization (read the text intention of the VOS).

Since last March, three editions of the VOS have brought together groups from all over the world, joining other initiatives such as the Social Forum of Transformative Economies and the Dialogues en Humanité. This month, the process continues and consolidates itself!

Thereby, next Sunday September 20 at 6 p.m. Paris (see your local time) and Monday September 21 at 4 p.m. Paris (see your local time), we invite you to co-construct a collective journey that will bring us closer and strengthen each other between September and December 2020. 

During these two meetings of process designing, you will be invited to walk through an experimental methodology, and to comment on the space opened up by the Viral Open Space in collaboration with the Multi-convergence of global networks. We will question together how this process can feed our efforts, and we will propose ideas to nourish our virality (this ambition will be specifically the subject of a next meeting which will take place in less than two months)! We propose to adopt as a common horizon the organization of a major common event which will take place on December 20 and 21. The orientation of the process and what ensues from it is driven by the participants : the VOS is in your image!

Thank you for sharing the invitation to your networks! 

More information (such as the login link) will follow in the coming days on, stay tuned! And don’t hesitate to join the Facebook group!

The VOS facilitation team (contact us).

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