“Campus Humanista »(« Humanist Campus ») is born – Research and Teaching for the Humanization of Personal and Collective Health

15.09.2020 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - REHUNO - REHUNO - Red Humanista de Noticias en Salud

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“Campus Humanista »(« Humanist Campus ») is born – Research and Teaching for the Humanization of Personal and Collective Health
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 “Campus Humanista” (« Humanist Campus ) is formed by a group of professionals from different areas. It was born with the aim of providing tools for training, teaching and research that collaborate in the processes of humanization of healthcare at both individual and collective level.

The training of professionals tends to be imparted –with some exceptions-, from the biomedical paradigm, and primarily with a  mechanistic vision that attributes the disease to biological alterations. The subjective aspects of the process of becoming ill are not taken into account in the dimension that is necessary. In cases where academic training shows an openness (perhaps growing from the academic point of view in some of the curricula that incorporate ‘person-centered medicine’ programs), the practice makes its effective implementation difficult or impossible.

In this way, not only is the inner world of the people receiving care denied or ignored, but also that of the health professionals themselves.

The self-care deficit added to the absence of institutional spaces that prioritize ‘the care of the caregiver’ could be one of the reasons why more than 50% of medical professionals are ‘burned-out’, with severe symptoms of depression, job dissatisfaction, feeling overwhelmed, and general malaise.

From this point of view, it is then necessary:

  1. To recognize the need to work on our interiority. If we do not achieve thought-emotion-action coherence in our own lives, the result will lead to an inevitable internal contradiction and to physical and emotional exhaustion.
  2. To assume that for humanized care to be implemented in a systematic and sustained manner over time, institutional policies are required to support and promote it.
  3. That training in this area is assumed by those responsible for the institutions, who, in turn, must recognize its importance and the undeniable benefit that its implementation implies.

Scientific research today proves that the most ‘humanized’ professionals are more effective in treating their patients even from a technical or scientific approach.

Objectives of “Campus Humanista »(« Humanist Campus »)

  • Generate research and teaching. Promote, disseminate, and implement humanized healthcare at all levels of care, through clear and understandable language.
  • Collaborate in the development of institutional policies for the humanization of healthcare.
  • Collaborate in the undergraduate and postgraduate training of health professionals from different areas.
  • Teach health professionals self-care tools and strategies, highlighting their importance for personal well-being and the impact on caring for others.
  • Collaborate in the development of institutional policies for the humanization of healthcare in all areas and levels of care.
  • Generate spaces exclusively for personal and group reflection in work teams.

Humanizing the different aspects of life is a necessity of the present moment, and it is also a project that gives meaning to human existence.

References and contact: e-mail campushumanistaargentina@gmail.com


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REHUNO – Humanist Health News Network

It is a group of volunteers from different countries of the world, professionals, and/or users of Health, who want to give voice to a “humanizing view” on health systems from a broad and comprehensive perspective. They want to put into words and images the positive news that needs to be highlighted and the negative news that needs to be denounced and that happens every day in our world. Blog: rehunosalud.blogspot.com   Email: rehuno.salud@gmail.com



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