By Gabriella Callender

The American conscience has cancer. Another Black man is killed in America by the hands of the police while we despairingly await justice.

How can justice ever really be served in an America that was built on the flesh torn backs of Black human beings? Our African history was intentionally hidden so that our enslavement could be justified. We were made to worship an image of a god who looked nothing like us. We are still at the mercy of the overseers knee on our neck. How far have we come from those “slavery days”? Not far enough when police officers can kill Black people like George Floyd and we are here still hoping for the crumbs of someone’s justice.

I don’t think there could ever be any justice in America. Not unless White people hand over the land.

If we really want to start somewhere we can do so by ending student loan debt for every Black college student in the United States. It won’t be justice but it will be something. Besides, the debt for Black education was paid long ago by the first enslaved African who ever set foot on American soil. Then it was repaid over and over and over again. Rest in Peace, George Floyd.

“Not only do we have to be concerned about our physical health but our emotional health is continuously being damaged by watching all of these videos of Black people being murdered while jogging. Black women being murdered in their beds. Black men being murdered like animals on the streets of Minneapolis. This is unacceptable and this must end.” Andrea Jenkins May 2020

Gabriella Callender is New York based columnist, songwriter and creative consultant. Black woman identified and married to photographer & health practitioner Desiree Veersawmy.