At times of difficulty, confusion seems to reign. Congressional leadership acts with one legislative piece after another, but more often, a bill contains something to placate the people while substantial concessions are made elsewhere. For those watching, it’s an all-too familiar tune. Misaligned priorities are clearer today as Covid-19 continues to reveal the vulnerability of a system that puts profits before people in its policy despite the rhetoric. More than ever, it is the responsibility of we the people to be fully aware of the words and deeds of their government, their representatives, and hold them as accountable as we must do what is right and just.

Each time Congress meets to further appropriations in light of a pandemic for which this reality reveals we are ill-prepared, there are more ‘opportunities’ for our taxpayer dollars to be channeled into corporate interests and not where it is most urgently needed. With this reality in mind, 62 organizations representing pro-diplomacy, veteran, faith, environmental, anti-war communities, and more, from across the country, said in a letter that Congressional leadership must ensure that future COVID-19 response bills do not include any additional funds for the Pentagon.

“The COVID-19 crisis has revealed that decades of funneling trillions of dollars into the Pentagon while gutting critical social services, including public health measures, has made us less safe, not more,” said Stephen Miles, Executive Director of Win Without War, the organization leading the initiative. “Now of all times, it should be clear that the Pentagon does not need more money.” Appropriations for Covid-19 must be for the health, welfare, and well-being of the people in much needed resources.