By Juan Carlos Marín

From March 16 to April 8, the day I was able to return home, I went through a process of hospitalization as a consequence of having been infected with Covid-19 or Coronavirus, which I could not stop recording and sharing. From the first symptoms in the house, to the days in the shared shed at the IFEMA (convention center specially equipped to respond to the lack of beds in medical centres), to the emergencies at the Hospital de la Princesa.

With these images, I want to thank so many people, associates, family, friends, even strangers – who have been sending me wishes of well-being, from the very first moment, to make me better. Knowing that I was accompanied has been vital, especially when the physical and psychological effects of the illness were stronger, or when the fear of so many companions with whom I shared space gripped me.

I have not been able nor wanted to resist leaving a record of friends (I can call them that now), facilities… and of so many professionals and volunteers who have taken care of us and who continue to give the best of themselves. Here are a few images of dozens and dozens.

Now, recovering at home, I keep repeating: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Photo gallery with over 70 photos: