Training for teachers – Run This Way program asking for well-being aimed towards healthcare workers

27.03.2020 - Montreal, Quebec - Anne Farrell

Training for teachers – Run This Way program asking for well-being aimed towards healthcare workers
(Image by Run This Way school program)
Web-conference – training for teachers on well-being program
Run This Way school offers a well-being program for students. The reflections and meditations are aimed at healthcare workers who are currently fighting the COVID-19 virus.
Run This Way partnered with the Pressenza, International Press Agency, to disseminate a web-conference training on asking for well-being. A free 15-minute training for teachers – on  April 2 at 10:00 am.  It will allow teachers to familiarize themselves with the educational material  in the well-being program.
Why a “digital well-being” program for students and teachers?
COVID-19 radically changes the lives and habits of young people. Many students are currently experiencing anxiety. Some parents have lost their jobs. Others worry about grandparents who are more vulnerable to contracting the virus.
During the well being experience, students feel a relief register when asking for an improvement of the situation of their friends, family and healthcare workers. It is clear that the asking for well-being has several benefits, such as reducing anxiety.
The request for well-being is directed to healthcare workers since most students know someone who works in a hospital or clinic. These workers need to feel that they are supported morally. We believe that a wave of sympathy going from students could provide invaluable moral support to health workers. In this crisis, openness to acts with solidarity must move forward with increasing urgency.
Teachers trained could then organize wellness requests by teleconference with the students.
To participate in the training, teachers must register by email at The teleconference will be held on the Zoom platform.
Download the application before the conference: All registered participants will receive the link 2 hours before the conference.
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