By Jhon Sánchez

This Saturday, I’m planning to watch Maria Teresa Silva’s new play, “Is There Such A Thing As True Love“? I had the opportunity to talk to her.

Thank you for granting this interview:

JS: How do you get involved in writing plays?

MTS: I studied writing with Mr. Carlos Jerome, of Around The Block, Mr. Allen Davis III of The Raul Training Unit, Mr. Mario Golden and Andreas of The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.

JS: You took classes with Carlos Jerome. Can you comment on your experience?

MTS: First, he is a wonderful person, a great teacher, has a lot of patience and guides you well.

JS: Your play is based on a true story. How do you transform an experience into a play?

MTS: One has to look outside the box and/or put yourself in someone’s shoes to feel and interpret what is felt.

JS: Tell me about the adventure of producing this play.

MTS: It has been a learning experience since this is my first production. But I have been fortunate to work along side of Mr. Enmanuel Garcia Villavicencio, Director of my play and award winner of ACE, ATI, LATA and H.O.L.A.

JS: In this time and age, “Is there such a thing as true love”?

MTS: To learn more about it, you must see my play.

JS: What’s your next project?

MTS: I am working on a Spanish play. If all goes well, it will be out in May/2020. Wish me luck!


“Is There Such A Thing As True Love”?

La Tea Theater, 107 Suffolk St., NY

February 20, 21, 22 and 23 – Get your tickets at

Maria Teresa Silva is making her debut as Producer of, “Is There Such A Thing As True Love? She studied writing with Carlos Jerome, Allen Davis III, Machiste Quintana, Mario Golden and Andreas Roberts. She has written a few plays. Her first full-length, “The Complaints of an Unhappy Woman” was presented and well received at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre.

About the Author: Jhon Sánchez: A Colombian Born, Mr. Sánchez, arrived in NYC seeking political asylum where he is now a lawyer. His short stories are available in Midway Journal, The Meadow, Newfound, Fiction on the Web, among others. In February, Teleport published his short story ‘Handy.’ The DeDramafi, was published on The Write Launch, and Storylandia will reprint it in issue 36. He was awarded the Horned Dorset Colony for 2018 and the Byrdcliffe Artist Residence Program for 2019. In 2021, New Lit Salon Press will publish his collection Enjoy Pleasurable Death and Other Stories that Will Kill You. For updates, please visit the Facebook page @WriterJhon