Thirty years ago, on 9.11.1989 the Berlin Wall fell after a peaceful revolution of the citizens of the DDR. There was no military intervention.

On the eve of this historic day, many people gathered in the “East Side Gallery” a remnant of the old Wall 1.3 km long, which remains largely unchanged and which has become a symbol of protest and celebration of a peaceful revolution.  Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this place has always been a meeting place for socially committed people, art lovers and those who know or aspire to freedom.

In a long extension of this monument, has been installed a large projection that shows and tells the story of what the Wall meant, the oppression that was exercised in those years, the use of violence and weapons. The images and sound of that period are intertwined and shocking.

Suddenly you hear Spanish, voices sing Latin American songs. It is no coincidence that Chileans gather here to show solidarity with their people, who struggle through a peaceful revolution. This is a meeting place that shows the history of great social movements that have been able to lead history and turn dictatorships into democracies.

This place gives hope that an end will be put to any system based on violence, as unfortunately exists in Chile at the moment.

The faces of the Chilean, South American and German communities gathered here are full of optimism for a better future, the songs are sung with strength and full of energy.

In addition to the images of the fall of the Berlin Wall, there are now slogans calling for a change in social systems, which promote the depredation of the environment and consumerism, the neoliberal model must be put an end to in Chile and in the world. “We want a new constitution, we want Piñera to resign, we want to see him in court. The demonstrators also fight for the rights of native peoples, for the care of the environment and inform Berliners and tourists in transit about the political and social situation in Chile. Many people have already been killed by the police, thousands have been imprisoned, tortured, raped and seriously injured, similar to what happened in this wall where they are demonstrating today.

Here, however, the DDR people have demonstrated that a dictatorship becomes part of history through a peaceful revolution.

When will the Chilean people finally be able to celebrate and take pride in their peaceful revolution?

Let us support all those who fight for a better future in this world!

Reiner Helmuth & Magaly Navarrete

Translation Pressenza London