After the largest demonstration the streets of Santiago de Chile have seen, Sebastián Piñera and the Armed Forces have been forced to lift the curfew.

Meanwhile, the population is organizing from the base and demonstrations continue to be called for the entire week.

The demonstration of more than a million people in Santiago de Chile has forced the Chilean armed forces to lift the curfew after President Sebastián Piñera proposed ending it “as soon as possible“.

At the same time, Piñera has asked his ministers to resign and is preparing a change of cabinet in an attempt to change his image, with which he intends to clean up the repression, deaths and possible torture that the UN, by the way, is going to investigate.

But this doesn’t seem to suit the population that is questioning the last 30 years of government, the “laboratory of neoliberalism” that the country has become since the fall of Pinochet’s dictatorship.

The population is organizing

The indignation and strength of the united population broke the possible fear and, in spite of the dead, continued to take to the streets with more force every day until ending in the largest demonstration that Santiago has ever known. Today this citizenship is organizing itself from the base, holding meetings in all the communes and cities of the country, constituting assemblies in which it exchanges and reflects on the future to which it aspires. Among other measures, the mobilisations called for a new Constitutional process.

This crisis does not seem to be solved through patches. The citizens have become empowered and, while thinking, continue to call for general and sectoral demonstrations that will take place throughout the week and at different times.

Translation Pressenza London