The annual meeting of the Pressenza Press Agency ended on 9 June. Members from Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece and France participated. Members of the editorial teams from Catalonia, Italy and Argentina were also connected via the Internet.

Discussions focused on an in-depth analysis of the current global situation and existing trends. Much of the exchange of views has addressed the question of what can be considered progress or setbacks, with a view to seeking coherence among editorial teams around the world. At the same time, specific issues were discussed that the editorial teams consider crucial. These include: peace and disarmament initiatives, ecology, migration, alternative economy, new technologies such as 5G and others, social movements and phenomena that demonstrate that changes are achievable in the current system or in parallel to it. The methodology of active nonviolence is the main axis that crosses all these issues horizontally, as well as the way in which the Agency covers them and positions itself.

In addition to the website and radio and television productions, the Agency currently has three documentaries subtitled in several languages, produced and directed by Álvaro Orus:

Beyond revenge
UBI, (universal and unconditional basic income) our right to live.
The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons.
The promotion of these documents through television networks and festivals is one of the priorities.

At the same time, the difficulties related to some changes in the internal structure were addressed, as well as the improvement of the website, missions in geographical areas of interest, the strengthening of editorial teams and the strengthening of cooperation with media partners of the Agency.


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