Lava Jato [Brazil]: The Intercept Reveals Conspiracy Between Judge and Prosecutors

11.06.2019 - Redação São Paulo

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Lava Jato [Brazil]: The Intercept Reveals Conspiracy Between Judge and Prosecutors

Interception of messages reveals the plot between the judge and the prosecutors in a clear corruption of functions that changes the entire political scene of Brazil.

Exclusive leaks from The Intercept Brazil prove that [Judge] Sergio Moro coordinated his actions with the prosecutors to imprison Lula da Silva.

Moro acted as an accuser, asked for new operations, gave his opinion on the prosecution’s strategies and gave clues about the investigation, anticipated the decision, suggested appeals to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and advised [lead prosecutor] Dallagnol.

Basically, he did not act as an impartial judge, but as if he were the main delegate of the operation.

Moro chose Bolsonaro with a promise to clean up the country of corruption,
now these messages reveal the plot between prosecutors, the justice system and the media.

They also state that they pretended to be unbiased while working as election observers, discussing joint strategies between the judge and the prosecution to incriminate Lula.

Intercept Brazil announces conversations between Moro and Dallagnol that could annul Lava Jato [the Car Wash corruption scandal] and…and now the Bolivarian militia are asking that the vehicle be closed to denounce it.

This leak showed the dirty game of these prosecutors and judges of the Republic of Curitiba, if they were the U.S. they would all be in jail, because they broke the constitution and all codes of ethics.

Four key points of this leak:
1) Corruption of functions, collusion and conspiracy between judge and prosecutor
2) Electoral objectives of Moro to bar Lula and elect Bolsonaro.
3) The operation was not non-partisan, as it had the help of Novo and the PSDB [Brazilian Social Democratic Party].
4) In Action Coordinated with the prosecution, Moro acted as head of Operation Lava Jato.

Remembering that Moro’s reward was the Ministry of Justice and the promise of a post  in the Supreme Federal Court, it is just needed to know what part had been promised to Dallagnol in exchange for that whole plan.

Perhaps Deltan Dallagnol was promised a polemic foundation of a billion dollars with resources recovered from corruption, to invest in some kind of new party inspired by the Italia dei Valore, such as the one originated by the “clean hands” operation.

The judge and prosecutor made their political intentions clear and coordinated more like a party than a police operation.

We should be suspicious when prosecutors, policemen and judges start to worry too much about the press and forget about the constitution and laws.

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