The city council of A Coruña in northern Spain unanimously approved a motion to declare October 2 as the “Day of Active Nonviolence”, a proposal promoted by the international humanist association, World without Wars and Violence.

In the municipal plenary on April 1, the mayor of A Coruña, read the institutional declaration approved unanimously by the council and by the representatives of Marea Atlántica, PP, PSOE and BNG.

The initiative was presented by the association “World without Wars and Violence

Xulio Ferreiro, read the Institutional Declaration approved in the plenary:

“Through this Institutional Declaration, the city council of A Coruña endorses the World March for Peace and Nonviolence and declares October 2 the Day of Active Nonviolence in the city of A Coruña.

“We also express our decision to declare October 2 the “Day of Active Nonviolence in the city of A Coruña” and celebrate and promote activities from the City Council inspired by Peace and Nonviolence … “.

October 2 marks the birth of Gandhi and was declared by the UN in 2008, International Day of Nonviolence.