In the Place of Memory (LUM), Lima, the VI International Symposium of the World Center for Humanist Studies – “Making New Ways”, organized by CEHUM-New Civilization (Peru), was inaugurated. The inauguration was given by Walter Chung, representative of CEHUM. The first panel was then presented by Magaly Robalino (Ecuador), doctor in education and UNESCO representative in Peru; Augusto Castro (Peru), researcher and director of the Institute of Nature Sciences, Territory and Renewable Energies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; Leticia García (Chile), psychologist, director of Corporación Futuro Humano (CORFHU), member of CEHUM-Alétheia and general administrator of the Colegio de Profesores de Chile; and, Guillermo Sullings (Argentina), economist and politician, postulant to the Presidency of the Republic for the Humanist Party in 2003, author of books and essays on economy and society.

The inaugural panel had as its theme “New currents of change in Latin America and in the world”.

Translated from Spanish by Pressenza London