Faced with the unusual sanction of Humanist deputy Pamela Jiles by the Ethics Commission of the Chamber of Deputies for having questioned UDI deputy Ignacio Urrutia, the organizations and individuals below signatories wish to express our total rejection of this measure.

What motivated Pamela Jiles’ response was what Urrutia expressed in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies on April 19: “It is already like the tenth time that these little gifts are given to these people, who more than exiles were terrorists,” later describing the victims of [Pinochet’s] dictatorship as “terrorists with Xmas Bonus.

These words not only insult the victims of the civil-military dictatorship and all those who fought for years to re-establish democracy in our country, but also constitute part of the “denialism” that those who justify the crimes of the dictatorship and deny the violations of human rights committed for 17 years are trying to install.

By sanctioning both deputies by the Ethics Commission, it makes invisible the only reprehensible action, which is the “negationist” expressions of deputy Urrutia, with which the strategy of the “tie” that these sectors seek to install operates. Thus, what the Commission has done becomes part of that policy and is unjustifiable given the need to put the values of Human Rights as a guiding axis of our democracy.

We call on them to amend their actions and to exonerate Congresswoman Jiles, giving a clear signal of the will of our parliament to develop a policy that aims to achieve truth and justice.

Those of us who subscribe, in solidarity with Deputy Pamela Jiles, support her and support her coherence, reject and denounce the resolution of the commission and maintain our total commitment to the struggle for Truth and Justice in all cases of violation of the D.D.H.H., along with our support forever to all victims of the dictatorship.


Octavio González, President Humanist Party Karina Oliva, President Power Party Guillermo González, President Equality Party Mauricio Vargas, Captain Pirate Party in Chile Marjorie Cuello. General Secretary New Democracy Lucas Cifuentes, General Secretary Liberty Left Rodrigo Etchecopar, President Democratic Revolution Luis Felipe Ramos, President Liberal Party Valentina Saavedra, General Secretary Autonomous Left Constanza Schonhtout, General Secretary Autonomist Movement Esteban Silva, MDP National Direction Soledad Ramírez, spokesperson for Movimiento Político Socialismo y Libertad Félix González, President Partido Ecologista Verde Alvaro Elizalde, President Partido Socialista Andrés Santander, Secretary General Partido Socialista Heraldo Muñoz, President Partido por la Democracia Camilo Lagos, President Pro-Pais Carmen Hertz, DD lawyer.HH.., Deputy and President of the Human Rights Commission. Alberto Mayol, sociologist Claudia Iriarte, Doctor in Law Celso Calfullan, Director Werken Rojo Rodrigo Loyola, Vice President Agrupación Nacional de ex Presos Políticos Rosario Carvajal, councillor of La Municipalidad de Santiago. José Osorio, President of the Yungay Neighborhoods Board and Chilean Association of Neighborhoods and Heritage Zones. Manuel Rojas Cultural Center, Yungay Cristian Romero neighborhood, President Corporation for Research, Technology and Sustainability INTYS Nicolás Guillén, President of the Civil Society Council of the National Service of Cultural Heritage. Mirtha Alvarado, Fundación Constituyente XXI, Pía Figueroa E., Pressenza International Press Agency