The video below shows the last leg of a long process, which this week culminated in the half-sanction of the decriminalisation of abortion in Argentina.

The process was led and sustained tirelessly by thousands of women across the country. The half sanction was from the Chamber of Deputies.

There is much to analyse and share about this extraordinary phenomenon that is changing much more than a law in this country. We are publishing this audiovisual synthesis as a preview, because we believe that it conveys very well the general -unstopable- climate of change that we are experiencing.

For the final sanction of the law, one step remains: approval in the Senate. That end promises to be much discussed, given the conservative profile of many senators. The sectors they represent insist on anticipating by the mass media that such approval is impossible. Others – who believe otherwise – wonder how the legislators are going to oppose the massive, deeply humane and libertarian expression reflected in the video.

“Let it be law! Let it be law! Let it be law!”

Thousands of rhythmic heartbeats, our blood is still vibrating. We’ve made the sky green to the rhythm of people’s power. We showed some of the emotions experienced at the gates of the National Congress during the sub-zero vigil and the vote on this historic session.

We are one step closer to making abortion legal, safe and free. We are making history!

Video: Collaborative Coverage #13J Audiovisual Women + Matria + Emergentes