The South American March for Peace and Active Nonviolence is an initiative of the organization World without Wars and without Violence, which has volunteers in several countries of the world, and in 2009 organized the successful and massive World March for Peace and Active Nonviolence, which toured several countries in the 5 continents, starting on October 12, 2009 in New Zealand to culminate on January 2, 2010, in the Park of Punta de Vacas, in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, at the foothills of Mount Aconcagua, very close to the border with Chile.

This new initiative was proposed by the delegation of Ecuador in the Central American March that took place in 2017 uniting the countries of Central America and ended in Costa Rica. This initiative is aimed at the participation of individuals, groups, social organizations and institutions that coincide with the ideals of Peace and Active Nonviolence.

The March will take place between September 19 and October 12 of this year, and will include all the countries of South America to end on October 12 in Santiago de Chile. In the different countries of South America, the teams promoting this new March are already being assembled and are meeting, as was the case of the meeting on 30 May in Santiago de Chile.
Text Sergio Bastías, Photography: Cecilia Tormen/

Translation Pressenza London